Some Outdoor Ball Games You May Try

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Are you looking to try for something new? How about a new sport? Well, if you are interested in ball games, and unique, here are some different athletic activities that are both exceptional and exciting at the same time.

Lawn Bowling

This is an outdoor game that shares some similar concepts with regular bowling, however with somemodifications. You need some lawn bowls Melbourne as the balls to play the games with in an outdoor rink, preferably textured by grass and can either be leveled or concaved. These lawn bowls are biased, which means they are not perfectly spherical, having an intended weight bias in order to up the challenge. Because of the uneven form of the bowl, the path is curved. There is another ball called jack which is white and rounded. The jack is thrown at the rink initially. Since it has no bias, it moves straight. To win the game, players must throw the lawn bowls closest to the jack in the field.


If lawn bowling is regular bowling with a twist, sepaktakraw is similar to volleyball in some ways but with some twist as well. If henselitedreamlinexg are uneven with a bias and made up of hardened composite plastic, the sepaktakraw ball on the other hand is a rattan or bamboo, woven into a hollow sphere. There are some cases of balls that are synthetic rubber.There is also a net in between two teams, each with three players. Like with volleyball, the woven ball must not touch the ground of the team, although the arms or hands are not used to maintain the ball in air. Other alternatives are the head, the chest, and knees, but ideally the feet. Sepaktakraw, originating in Southeast Asia, is literally “kick ball” when translated.


Sepaktakraw and lawn bowling are some usual sports games with a different challenge, while bossaball, a new and unique ball game from Spain, is an amalgam of various sports concepts like volleyball and gymnastics, even football on some parts. “Bossa” could mean style, as this sports incorporates music in the game. The field is generally a huge inflatable, with one player from each team on a trampoline. Much like volleyball, the ball being tossed around must not touch the ground of the team. A net is also placed in the middle of the two opposing teams. There is no limit as to which body parts can be used to pass the ball around.Lawn bowling, sepaktakraw, and bossaball all offer different levels of challenges that will keep you both hyped and physically active.

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